Hilarious!!! Line Charades!!

I think most of us know how to play line charades. Basically, the point is to try and imitate exactly what your teammates do, so that you can pass along that sequence to your next teammate, and preserve that message to end of the line. The team with the closest rendition to the original sequence wins. Well, I think that's something someone forgot to tell these guys in the video. This past Friday night after Bible Study, we ate some nice root beer floats, and then we played a memorable round of line charades in which we acted out scenes ranging from "goldfish going up for air" to "students cheating on an exam." In this movie sequence, you'll see that the scene being acted out was two people driving in a car, blowing out a tire, and then changing it. It's amazing how easy it is to tweak that message without even knowing it... One thing's for sure... Koinonia is not a band of actors :)