Zilker Picnic

zilker_bbqThere's something undeniably attractive about sizzling patties & hot dogs, with a mound of hot, grilled onions on a nice day in the park. Many of us got our first taste of the awesome Zilker Park this past Saturday with an incredible day of eating and playing. We all got to the park at 11am (I know this is early for many of you college students out there but you made it!) and began with a game of ultimate frisbee. Although my team eventually ended up losing 5-4, we put up a good fight. While we were engaged in a serious frisbee battle, Pastor Manny and brother Maurice were busy grilling tons of cheesburger patties and hot dogs for us. Right after our frisbee game, we all flocked over to the picnic tables like wild hyenas who had been famished for weeks. Those patties went fast! After we had finished stuffing our stomachs, we were ready for more action. This time, we hit the volleyball nets and played several games up to 25. And we ended the day with the epic match - California vs Texas...Knowing that the California team didn't have any experienced volleyball players, with exception to Kelly Lin, I thought Texas would dominate or at least put up a good fight. Well, my view of Texans changed after the match. Let's just say that I think our Texas friends should stick to rodeos and football... See more pictures from our picnic!