Fellowship over UT Football

Texas is the #1 football team in the nation. There's no doubting that. A bunch of us from Koinonia crowded into Pastor Manny and Sunny's place this past Saturday to witness the incredible prowess of our mighty Longhorns. What a way to spend a Saturday! We ate hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, salsa, threw a football around in the backyard, and to cap it off, jumped in jubilation as UT took down the #1 team in the nation, Oklahoma, in what is already being dubbed a classic.

Though I was cheering each time McCoy connected with Shipley, inside I could not help but feel a sense of anguish, anguish because I was torn inside with this sad reality...The team I've grown to love, my alma mater, the Golden Bears of the University of California Berkeley, better known as Cal, simply cannot hang at the level of a UT or OU. As much as I would like to fancy the idea that Cal is a top tier program and on its way back to the Rose Bowl, the reality is that they are simply is not there yet. Yes. I admit it. They are not there. Don't get me wrong. I love Cal. In fact that is the reason why I must speak the truth. You see, I'm no fair-weather fan. I'm a true fan. I'm a golden bear. And I still hope. I hope that one day, I'll be able to cheer in jubilation over a Cal Rose Bowl victory...(i tried uploading a video but blogger is giving me problems. so a photo will have to suffice...look at carlton's hops!)