Rudys! Rudys!

rudysIt's Rudys time! Yes, indeed it was for our 12 friends who arrived from California just two days ago. I must say, Rudys BBQ is the best place to go for a bite to eat with a group of 10+ people who are hungry, and wanting something tasty. And what's even better is that it's cheap ...about 5-7 bucks/person.

Well, I'm very excited to see them all here in Austin. They've been working real hard (though not obvious in this picture here), and have been an encouragement to the rest of the Austin team members.

And what a week this is going to be with them all here! Tonight we had a devastating time of fun outdoor games at South Mall for our Ultimate Sports event, and last night we had a great time at the Anna Hiss gym for our Ultimate Games event. I'm looking forward to this Friday, our Ultimate Study Break event, and of course our climax on Sunday, the Inaugural Service for Gracepoint Fellowship Church Austin. For more info on these events, definitely check out the details at our college group Koinonia website By the way, I know for those of you who were there tonight at the Ultimate Sports event, it might have seemed that some of us "older" ones were a bit slow during the game capture-the-flag. I can't speak for everyone else, but I know that for at least myself I was wearing sandals and this definitely hindered me from playing at the top of my game :)