Night of Food, Fun, and Telephone Pictionary

Koinonia sisters went out to Hula Hut Restaurant a few weeks ago, a nice Mexican and Polynesian place located on the waterfront of Lake Austin. As the semester was getting busy, it was a nice break away from the busyness of campus, reminders of tests and homework. The sisters enjoyed a full meal including entrees called "Steak Tubular Taco" and "Shrimp Pipeline Enchiladas". Surprisingly, most people ate everything on their plate. Still feeling the euphoria after their meal, they all headed over to Sunny and Pastor Manny's house and played Speed Scrabble. With pumped up minds and increased vocabulary, they ended the night by playing something called "Telephone Pictionary". The game starts by having each person write down a sentence on a sheet of paper, and then she hands it to the next person. This person draws a picture that describes the sentence then folds over the paper to hide only the original sentence. The next person looks at the picture and tries to guess what the original sentence was, and then folds over the paper to hide only the picture. The paper is passed on in the same manner, and this continues till the paper returns to the owner. This particular game was not for the faint of heart as we witnessed some very interesting drawings and interpretations, leaving all of us rolling on the floor and laughing. It certainly was a great way to end the night.