Pedernales Outing!!

This past weekend, Koinonia had its first official overnight getaway to beautiful Pedernales State Park!! It was perfect weather, and the day couldn't have turned out any better as we enjoyed awesome views of nature, and even caught a gigantic fish (courtesy of David and Andrew). For me, the best part was standing there in the middle of the river, my fishing line cast into the water, and just taking in the wonderful beauty of God's creation. The trees along the river were bursting with fall colors, which made it all the more beautiful.

After a packed day at Pedernales, we went to our sleepover houses, where we did our Daily Devotions in the book of Psalm 73. After some good reflection and sharing time, we ate an incredible dinner, including pork ribs courtesy of Isaac and Jacob. Thanks guys! With our stomachs full, we played some group games and then some board games. And then to cap it off, Pastor Manny showed the freshmen what's up by pretty much dominating them in this tug of war game..When I get the video, I'll post it online to share for everyone's enjoyment..

It was a memorable outing to say the least. Hopefully those of you who weren't able to make it out on this trip will be able to join us for our next outing...