Ping Pong trash talking

The ability to trash talk is one of those things you're born with. So you either have it or you don't. You see, Pastor Manny was born with it, and in fact, he has mastered the art of trash talking. Sometimes you see professional athletes who trash talk during their basketball of football game. But have you ever seen trash talking in a game of ping pong? If you haven't, that means you haven't seen Pastor Manny in action. Some time ago, Andrew and Wayne invited me and Pastor Manny to the halls of Jester, and started to muster up their version of trash talking. They said things like "you can't lose to a freshmen now can you Pastor Manny?" and "you're looking old there!"...Well, as I was saying before, trash talking is something you either have or you don't, and these freshmen simply don't know what's up. Pastor Manny was unphased. In fact, it made him smile all the more. Now in terms of who actually won the game, I won't go there...That's beside the point and is completely irrelevant..