Gone: "In 24 hours, today will be yesterday."

2009 Spring Welcome Night (25)That was the theme of our Koinonia Spring Welcome Night. Much like our NSWN (translation: New Student Welcome Night) from last fall, Spring Welcome Night was a chance for us to invite new friends to spend time with us, find out what our group is all about, and listen to a thought-provoking talk. The night started off with a delicious sesame-Yoshida sauce wings dinner, followed by neat video made by one of our brothers back at home. Pastor Manny then invited us to consider some of the deeper questions about life - who am I? where did I come from? what is my life's purpose? - framed by the fact that for each of us, time is slowly but surely running down the clock. For many it was their first time considering such issues; for those of us who have found answers to those questions, it was a good chance to think about them again.

2009 Spring Welcome Night (4)Afterwards we tested each other's mental mettle with a wonderful round of 'Brain Bowl,' courtesy of Carlton, Bryan, and David Lee. Despite some fear-inducing integrals and tough logic problems, fun was had by all, and people's IQ's probably rose a couple points just from playing the game. Homemade boba tea drinks capped off the night, and many hung out afterward to chat, hang out, and even help us take down. Many of the frosh brothers also came early to help set up (as you can see, they are now pros at winding cable and blowing up balloons), which we were very grateful for! Hard work is always a good bedrock for good fellowship =)2009 Spring Welcome Night (1)

Looking forward to seeing our new friends again at another TFN soon!