McKinney Falls State Park - Bros Outing

2009-02-07  McKinney Falls - Bros outing (1) Who knew that a mere 15 minutes from campus lay a pristine Texas State Park boasting:- A crater-filled rock formation - The oldest (500 years old) tree in Central Texas - Roaring falls - A Native American rock shelter from the 1400's? Pastor Manny, that's who! Our fearless leader took some intrepid freshmen out on a manly hike last Saturday to enjoy some of the local beauty and get a breath of fresh air in-between problem sets. Okay, so it wasn't all that manly, given that it was 1.2 miles long. But we took some detours, burned some calories throwing rocks at primitive structures set up by Pastor Manny, and then ended the day outdoors in truly manly fashion - with a midday meal at Salt Lick Barbeque (some brothers confessed to wanting to fall sleep on the spot, right after eating the pecan pie a la mode dessert - but we didn't let them). Apparently Salt Lick is the place to be on Saturday during lunch time, so during our hour-long wait, we learned a lot of new games. Some of us were better at it than others. But it's ok, because those brothers who were not, also happened to be the ones that brought us the most joy.

All in all a fun day was had, and when the falls grow back from a trickle to a roaring flood, we'll be back. And maybe we'll catch that humongous crawdad next time too.

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