Canyon Lake Excursion

032209_Pic1This past weekend, we had our much anticipated Spring Break getaway trip at Canyon Lake – about an hour and a half away from Austin. It was a nice, cozy group and when its cozy, people always eat well. I have to run the 10K this coming Sunday and I am already regretting stuffing myself so much during the meal times. I have three most memorable moments from this trip. Number one – hiking (for 5 miles) at Hill Country State Park with little Nico by my side. It was so fun talking to him about things like how to clean, rattlesnakes, horse droppings, and just admiring together the almost jungle-like terrain. Number two – beating the guys in raft racing as well as witnessing firsthand two girls catch a Small-Mouth Bass! You don’t see that everyday! Finally, my number three favorite moment was chatting and sharing stories with the girls in my van during the long drives to and from different destination areas. 032209_Pic2Among other things, it was great watching “Miracle” – a hockey movie based on the 1980 Olympics when USA beat the world’s undefeated hockey champions – Russia – as well as playing a rowdy game of Taboo (girls versus guys, of course). I think the only lowpoint in the entire trip was having to listen to some really bad jokes/puns from someone during the Hill Country hike. Other than that, everything couldn’t have been any better. The houses we stayed at were situated right next to a beautiful, blue lake. If you didn’t take in the look of the land surrounding the waters, you would have thought you were in Hawaii. I was very thankful for the chance I had to just take some time away in beautiful nature with the students and my good buddies. I pray that we can keep having more of these unforgettable times away together in the years up ahead!