Ever Want To Be...?


When I was little, I was always once in a while posed questions like “If you could have anything you wanted, what would it be?” My response would usually be either a room full of Doritos or a Churro machine so I could make my own Churros whenever I felt like it. As I got older, the questions morphed into “If you could be anything you want, what would you be?” Of course, I would say that I wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer or a professor – very practical, square professions. When people would ask “If you lived in an absolutely perfect world, what kind of job would you choose?”, it would always make me smile because I liked answering these questions the most. =) The two answers I would always give were 1.) be a truck driver and drive cross country thru America and 2.) be a tour guide in Hawaii. Mind you, this is only if the world were perfect without any problems and brokenness to worry about and respond to. When we had the last sisters sleepover at Koinonia before everyone went home for the Summer break, we were posed the question of “If you and 2 or 3 like-minded friends could do anything for God, what would it be?” Then, on paper plates, we wrote down what we would do. I was thankful to hear and read what many students wrote down such as serve faithfully in their church’s youth group or love others and help them return to God’s original plan for their lives. Especially in light of the bible study that Sunny gave to cherish and uphold our relationship with God as our greatest treasure and to have spiritual vision for our lives, I was reminded of how inherent in my relationship with God is the responsibility to love and care for the needs all around me. We all had a chance to read an excerpt from a book called Crisis on the Campus. We were reminded that there is brokenness right within arms-reach right here at UT Austin and we have the opportunity to be God’s agents of healing and transformation. Along with others, I prayed that all of us present in that room would become people who are bold and who hold firmly onto our identity as God’s children entrusted with the mission to testify to God’s saving love. I personally felt thankful once again that God calls me to meaningful and eternal work and that I could be together with all the students affirming this truth again.