Year-End Bible Study


Hard to believe, but our first school year as Koinonia at UT Austin is nearing its end. Two semesters of getting to know new students and friends in Austin, TX, two semesters of watching the tower's colors change, two semesters of Rudy's and small group dinners and Sunday Worship Service. Wow. Who would have imagined the ESC being filled with all these new friends, a short 9 months after our first Bible study with no visitors but plenty of meatloaf? =)

We celebrated with a Year-End TFN Bible study this past Friday. We had Korean short rib BBQ, a human scavenger hunt ice-breaker, a video slideshow that took us back through all the different events that happened this year as well as sharing from several students about how they experienced God this past year, a Bible study from Pastor Manny through Psalm 1, and finally an exciting Koinonia/GFC-Austin rendition of Jeopardy! with Bryan and Dominic as Alex Trebec & Co.


As we had a chance to reflect on the way God led each of us, staff and students alike, through our journeys with Him this past year, we gave thanks to Him for His faithfulness, in wonder that we got to participate in it and experience the joy of fellowship with Him and the other brothers and sisters. We look forward to the next year of God's work!