How to have fun your first week of school...


What comes to mind when you think of the first week of school?  Homework, class, cafeteria food?  How about ice cream sundaes, ultimate frisbee, tug-of-war, shaved ice, magic tricks, and some Scattergories on the side?  We started this new semester with some fun and (of course) food, and tried out something new called WAGS (Welcome Activity Groups). We thoughts WAGs would be agreat way to help people plug in and get to know one another by checking out our Welcome Week activities with the same group of people, and it worked well. "Ultimate Freezebee" was our first event, and a major hit.  Something about tossing a disc on a fresh, new lawn and talking around an ice cream sundae is hard to resist. Our second event was "Shaved Ice and Sports" where we had some friendly competition between the frosh and sophomores in tug-of-war, and the seasoned sophomores seemed to have an upper-hand. Finally, our exciting week ended with our favorite "Board Games and Bubble Tea".  People got a chance to brush up on their vocab skills in Taboo and Catch Phrase, show off their hand-eye coordination with Jenga, and laugh during Apples to Apples at someone trying to explain how sponges are quite garrulous (you have to be there to know what I mean).  The night ended with Mo's Magic Show, where our very own Maurice the Magicianshocked the audience with his amazing mind and card tricks.  He's so good, it's scary.


At the end of a packed week, we ended up having a lot of fun, good memories, and forming new friendships.

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