New Student Welcome Night 2009!

Ng_5D_090827_005028_sRGB Last Thursday was the day we had all been anticipating.  The weeks leading up to this night was full of work and a lot of preparation.  Some of the work involved was marinating 200 lbs of meat, handing out 5500 flyers, hours of skit practice, preparing and setting up sound equipment, folding 500 brochures, staying up late nights creating  slideshows and videos, waking up early to post up banners and reserve rooms, and even having a special team of our Koinonia members from California take time away from their busy lives to help put on this event.  Every year our church has always mobilized all of our resources to make New Student Welcome Night the most happening, fun, exciting, and meaningful night for everyone whose been invited.  Why? So that as many people can come and hear the gospel message. Ng_5D_090827_004902_sRGB

It was a packed and exciting night from the music to the hilarious video about "How to Survive College" to the humorous yet poignant skit about lost freshman.  However, one thing Pastor Manny talked about that night will remain with me and hopefully with everyone else sitting in the auditorium.  It was that there will be a lot of things in college that will urge us to cross boundaries that we never wanted to or imagined we would.  But God's message is, "Go the opposite way," and seek after God's ways.


As college can be a confusing and hard time with a lot of choices to make, I'm thankful that for one night we could give our all so that 250 people were able to hear God's word and have a chance to seek Him out.

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