Houston On-The-Road Bible study and outing!

Our second year of "On-The-Road" Bible studies took us back to the great city (4th largest in the US of A!) of Houston this past weekend! In addition to getting to meet up with our Koinonia friends in the H-town area, we got to play "The Game of All Games," had a TFN Bible study together, visited Battleship Texas and the San Jacinto Monument, toured NASA and got to see the Saturn V rocket up close and personal, and was treated at the end of the trip to a wonderful home-made Chinese feast, courtesy of Jenny and Linda's parents and hosted at Houston Chinese Church! It was very generous of them to cook for all of us (no mean feat!) and we enjoyed a great time of fellowship. Thank you to Jenny/Linda's parents and hope to visit HCC again! Look forward to seeing all you Houston folks back in Austin in a few weeks!

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*Btw, some students wanted to express their thanks to P. Manny and Daryl for the trip...they thank Sunny as well, but just weren't able to find something that rhymed with Sunny! =D

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