NSWN 2010!


N-S-W-N. Stands for New Student Welcome Night! It happens at the beginning of every Fall semester, every year - an exciting way to gear up for the new semester, let new students know about our group, and give people a chance to pause and think a bit about the deeper things of life. And, of course, enjoy free BBQ! As well as an uproarious live skit, cool video (starring our very own Austin students!) - and a message from the gospel of Luke. We were so thankful for the incredible turnout. Words can't quite fully capture the many ways in which the night's program made us feel personally addressed, burst out into uncontrollable laughter, or think about our lives and how it should be lived out. We look forward to getting to know all the new faces that came last night! Oh, and if you missed out, don't worry - we are going to do it all over again at our New Student Welcome Night #2, next Thursday! See you there!

Some pics of the event! (More photos at the gallery: 2010 NSWN#1): [flickr album=72157624815743848 num=3 size=Medium]