2010 Freshmen Getaway Highlights


What a wonderful 3-day trip out to Texas hill country! The 2010 fish drove out to a pair of huge houses right on the Guadalupe River, where we had snacks and a riotous round of king kong shower the first night. We got up (relatively) early the next morning to head out to Enchanted Rock State Park before it filled up (it's really popular!). We 'rocked' the Summit Trail, some of the students even challenging P. Manny to a race up the near 20 degree incline (no comment on who won), and after enjoying the view from the top of the Rock, we headed into a twisty, turny, dark, but adventuresome cave on the north face of the Rock! Lots of people mentioned this time as a memorable moment, especially with people (sometimes literally) being willing to give each other a hand through the maze of underground crevices.

We capped off Saturday evening with a quick round of fishing, a Texas-style dinner (i.e. brisket), dramatic Bible reading (which was very well done!), DT sharing, and singing some songs that were well in line with the views of God's nature we got to enjoy that day. After some more games (and some hide and go seek in the dark), we called it a night and tired, but content and enjoying the fellowship, slept off the final night. The trip felt like it ended too soon! But it was great getting to spend time getting to know one another better, and we look forward to the next one! In the meantime, hang in there with school our dear freshmen bros and sisters!

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