Apologetics and Evangelism Training Recap

The first half of our summer was spent in a 4-week equipping and training sessions as we dealt with some tough, yet very relevant commonly asked questions such as, "Why would an all-loving, all-knowing God allow suffering?" or "Is there objective right or wrong?" Through reading some thoughtful articles by well-known scholars such as CS Lewis and Dr. William Lane Craig, we were able to become much more knowledgeable regarding the problem of pain, relativism, intelligent design, and the background different world religions.

Each week we also had a lecture presented by one of the staff as well as group discussions to be able to articulate what we have just read and address any other questions we had.

Our 400-page Apologetics reader!

Following our apologetics training time, we were also trained on evangelism. During this time we learned how to share our salvation testimony in a relevant way with others and also watched videos from people such as Bill Hybels on how to "just walk across the room" and engage people in conversation and develop meaningful relationships with them so that we can lovingly share the gospel with them. We're so grateful for the training we had and look forward to how we can put that in practice this year!

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