Recap for the first Gym Night of the Year!

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Written by Frederick L.

After our Friday Night campus bible study, the young (lively freshman and sophomores), the old (juniors and seniors), and the ancient (graduates and working folks) all funneled into the St. Edward’s gym for our Gym Night. With teams separated by class, this night was a battle filled with shouts of victory. To win in each of the different games, each team needed camaraderie and tact. It was quite a sight to behold; oversized yoga balls were launched, dodgeballs were evaded, and basketballs were shot and raced with to the finish line. With all the deafening cheers and loud panting, it was clear that no one was holding anything back; everyone gave it their all. The night culminated in a free-for-all Braveheart game, in which the juniors emerged victorious. We ended the exciting night by mingling outside and eating snacks. Be sure to not miss out on our next Gym Night!

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