Behind the Scenes of Gracepoint Live!

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Written by Frederick L.

During Spring Break, many students came back early to rehearse for Gracepoint Live, an amateur, theatrical production of musicals, skits, and dramas by us college students to present Christianity in a way that is relevant to our lives today. With this being our first ever G-Live here at UT, there was a marked feeling of excitement and anticipation in the air. Inside the Student Activity Center, which served as our hub for GLive prep, we all packed the hallways, rooms, and even balconies designated for dance rehearsal, skit preparation, creating props, and providing meals. Practices were intense yet fun, interrupted by time for refreshments and meals. What precious moments we shared, as all of us experienced the joy of spending ample time with one another, of working hard together, away from the pressing demands of academics. No doubt, everyone has an important role to play in order for this production to be realized, whether it is on center stage or backstage. After the Friday Night Bible Study, we all were gifted with an abridged performance of what each of the classes has worked on thus far. Considering how little time students have had to prepare, many of us were blown away by the caliber and potential of each performance. Let’s not forget all the work happening behind the scenes for this all to be possible. The time from now until April 19th, our first performance date, promises to be full of memory-making moments--from laughing at one another for messing up a line…yet again, to staying up late together into the evening crafting props and perfecting the choreography for a song. Be sure to join us next time!

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