17 Days until Gracepoint Live!

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Written by Jenny C.

This has been a very "G-Lively" week, with nine junior guys and one staff member visiting from our Berkeley church to help out with our very first Gracepoint Live in Austin. The juniors arrived last Saturday, helping out with props and other background work by day and enjoying fellowship time with their Texan counterparts by night. Meanwhile, Hope Choi flew in to put on an intense 2-day acting workshop with the student actors. She gave us many useful pointers on how best to deliver our lines so that the message of the gospel gets clearly communicated. On behalf of all of us here in Austin, thank you all so much for taking the time to help us out! The G-Live practices themselves have been humming along nicely as we approach showtime. For the juniors, we've gotten most of the lines memorized and are continuing to fine-tune the details of our performance. Although rehearsals have been a lot of work, they have also been a lot of fun, as we get to spend quality time together as a class, laughing and encouraging one another as we figure out how to act. Only 17 days until G-Live, and we can't wait!

Please visit the Gracepoint Live Website to watch trailers and to sign-up for a free showing!