Gym Night - Summer Style!

IMG_8854 Written by Rosa L.

We kicked off the first TFN with a fun-filled gym night at the Austin Sports Center. As the familiar metallic multicolored jerseys and the giant Braveheart balls were being unloaded, we were fueled with anticipation for the night’s activities and with a sense of camaraderie within our teams. Our emcees made their grand entrance into the gym, donning sunglasses and suit jackets. Considering that it was dark outside and we were in the middle of a Texas summer, we all took this as a sign that it would be an interesting night, and boy, was it interesting and fun! Each of the games that we played was given a twist. For example, in dodgeball, a tennis ball was added to the mix of foam balls. If a team managed to throw the tennis ball into the basketball hoop, all of their team members who were out were allowed back in. We concluded our gym night with an old classic: tug-o-war. It was difficult and some came away with battle scars, but one team emerged victorious. Afterwards, we broke up into our respective classes and went out for dessert (to balance out all of the physical activity). It was definitely a great way to start the summer, and we look forward to what’s more in store!