A full weekend of dodgeball, dim sum, and kayaking!

weekend Written by Alex C.

Another Friday night meant another intense round of dodgeball! The throwing and dodging became even more heated up as the different teams jostled for supremacy, each driven by the thought of walking home with victory and that Dodgeball Champion T-shirt! We were joined by many new faces, so it's never too late to join!

20120914- Dodgeball Week 3 002.jpg A pre-game rallying cry to get pumped!

20120914- Dodgeball Week 3 004.jpg The battle lines are formed...

20120914- Dodgeball Week 3 017.jpg What a throw!

20120914- Dodgeball Week 3 024.jpg A dramatic stalemate...who will make the next move?!

We'll be taking a break this Friday from dodgeball, but don't worry, we will resume the week after! Join us on the 28th for the stunning conclusion to the 2012 Koinonia Dodgeball Tournament! Who will win? It's up to you!

20120914 Dim Sum 001.jpg

Written by Jenny C.

This Saturday, the freshmen and sophomore sisters enjoyed a dim-sumptuous meal at Shanghai Chinese Restaurant on our very first outing of the school year. We feasted on a variety of traditional Chinese delicacies, including turnip cake, shrimp dumplings, barbecue pork buns, and, of course, chicken feet. As we ate, we shared stories of weird or exotic things we had eaten and were able to get to know each other better. It was a fun time of fellowship and bonding over food!

20120616- Zilker Kayaking and Sports 003.jpg

Written by Carlton F.

On Saturday, the freshmen and sophomore guys headed out to Zilker, rain or shine, for some fun kayaking and sports! After a few splashing battles, kayak races, and enjoying the beautiful Austin skyline out on Lady Byrd Lake, we played two exciting games of soccer and football. We capped it all off with some scrumptious Mighty Fine Burgers and chili cheese fries!

Missed out on the fun? Be sure to join us next time!

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