Dodgeball Tournament: Week 2 of 4

Dodgeball was intense this past Friday as more people joined us and balls were flying faster than ever! What could be behind the sudden increase in intensity? Perhaps the stakes got higher when it was announced that the winning team would win a Dodgeball Championship T-Shirt (limited edition of course)! Come join us this Friday! It's still up in the air to see who the will emerge as... CHAMPIONS!

20120907- Dodgeball Week 2003.jpg Stretching was definitely a good idea before the games began...

20120907- Dodgeball Week 2005.jpg Gotta be quick to dodge these balls!

20120907- Dodgeball Week 2010.jpg A picture of victory! Woohoo!

20120907- Dodgeball Week 2023.jpg A dramatic faceoff! Who will be the winner??

20120907- Dodgeball Week 2027.jpg So until next time... =)

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