An "Enchanted" Getaway with the Seniors and Freshmen!

Enchanted Rock-61 Written by Alex C.

The past weekend went by in a flash as we had our first fall getaway of the year to enchanted rock with the seniors and freshmen (and a few sophomores and juniors)! Over 70 people left the worries of school and work behind to enjoy a weekend filled with fellowship. We ate a lot, hiked outdoors, explored a cave, made hilarious music videos, and played plenty of games, including family feud, king kong shower, and hide and seek in the dark. Though it was and exhausting and packed weekend, it was great to be able to take a break from normal life and get away to see nature and to get to know each other better! Here are some of the things we did:

Enchanted Rock-17 Freshmen brothers and sisters face off against each other!

Enchanted Rock-43 The journey begins...

IMG_2036 It's a tight squeeze in those caves!

IMG_2132 Sharing and praying for each other

IMG_3853 Just one of the meals we ate!

IMG_4000 An intense brothers versus sisters family feud game!

IMG_4267 A final group picture before heading home.

It was definitely an amazing weekend and the sophomores and juniors have a lot to look forward to!. If you're a freshman or senior and couldn't make it this past weekend, don't hesitate to sign up for the next and last getaway!

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