Snapshot of our Scavenger Hunt!

Written by Eugene L.

We kicked off this past TFN with a bang by having a paper ball fight! Wads of crumpled up paper flew across the room amid much shouting, as we got out our energy after a stressful (or in some cases, not so stressful) week. Pastor Manny gave a message on Judas' question, "Why this waste?" when he saw a woman pour out her expensive jar of perfume, something equivalent to a year's wages. He challenged us to evaluate the way we approached our relationships and to love extravagantly, despite the ways the world encourages us to save our seemingly finite resources only for ourselves. We finished off the night by going on a camera scavenger hunt all across the Forty Acres, led through our adventure with a lot of fun clues. Here are a few of the creative ways the teams posed to meet the scavenger hunt objectives:

20121012- Photo Scavenger Hunt 037.jpg "Your best album cover pose"

20121012- Photo Scavenger Hunt 020.jpg "Your favorite family memory"

20121012- Photo Scavenger Hunt 024.jpg "A victorious team pose"

Looks like the teams had a lot of fun (perhaps, a little too much fun in some cases?) and had a great start to the weekend! Next week, look forward to the All Freshmen TFN and TFN by Lifegroups and the first of the October getaways for the freshmen and seniors!

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