Thanksgiving Retreat and Celebration 2012!

20121117- Thanksgiving Reteat 005.jpg Written by John T.

In light of this season of gratitude, Koinonia found itself immersed in an entire weekend of gratitude presented in various ways ranging from heartfelt personal sharings to black-light dance performances.

20121117- Thanksgiving Reteat 023.jpg We began the jam-packed weekend on Friday night with the opening of our first Austin Thanksgiving Retreat, watching video sharings from our various sister churches and ministries across the nation.

20121117- Thanksgiving Reteat 008.jpg Taking a brief intermission overnight, we reconvened the following Saturday morning for a full day, literally, of absorbing the ways that God has been working in the various ministries we have had the privilege of praying for and serving with.

20121118 Thanksgiving Celebration 001.jpg This fun-filled and thankful weekend came to a climax on Sunday, which included our Thanksgiving service followed by our annual Thanksgiving Celebration.

20121118 Thanksgiving Celebration 026.jpg

20121118 Thanksgiving Celebration 033.jpg

20121118 Thanksgiving Celebration 057.jpg

20121118 Thanksgiving Celebration 062.jpg

20121118 Thanksgiving Celebration 085.jpg Dozens of turkeys courageously sacrificed their lives for this celebration of gratitude and its importance in our daily lives, which was further displayed by the dances performed by each class. For the first time we were able to have a Praxis dance to go along with those performed by each of the undergrad classes, including a Biblically themed rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody and a thunderous Stomp performance.

Taking it all in, it was quite a hectic weekend with the plethora of videos and events going on, but it was centered on the need for greater gratitude and we definitely grew in our gratitude toward those who made this weekend happen!

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