Carving Out Memories on Halloween Night!

20121031 Halloween Bonanza 024.jpg Written by Charlie J.

This past Wednesday Koinonia hosted our very first Halloween Bonanza! Many of us gathered at the SAC Ballroom with vivid anticipation of what would be in store. The night was filled with Halloween fun as we split up into teams and had a competition including Pumpking Carving, scary-music dance competition, and a one-word skit. With tons of “AH”s and “scariness” for all, the Bonanza was a great way to spend Halloween together! And of course, there were plenty of sweets and goodies too.

20121031 Halloween Bonanza 001.jpg A group photo before the carving begins.

20121031 Halloween Bonanza 017.jpg

20121031 Halloween Bonanza 016.jpg Such SPOOKtacular pumpkins!

20121031 Halloween Bonanza 027.jpg We also came up with our own Halloween-inspired lyrics- singing completely optional.

20121031 Halloween Bonanza 011.jpg While Halloween may be over, the fun and festivities continue.

Join us next week for TFN and as we prepare for Thanksgiving Celebration!

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