Final Chapter of our Fall getaways!

20121027 Enchanted Rock SO&JR 045.jpg Written by Tina L.

Although this past getaway was the last of our fall getaways, it definitely did not fall short in excitement and adventure! Over 80 sophomores and juniors left the UT campus to trek the wild, i.e. Enchanted Rock. Of course, we had to start the weekend right with some piping hot ramen and a game of human bingo! As the night ended, there was definitely a lot of anticipation for the next day as it was finally our turn to hike up Enchanted Rock! As everyone finally reached the top, we had a memorable time of fellowship as we sang campfire songs, prayed for each other, and absorbed God’s beautiful creation. We finished the night with making creative music videos, eating a hearty dinner, and some friendly competition between the girls and the guys! Although the whole weekend was a whirlwind, it was awesome to just get away from our daily grind and share in some fun fellowship! Here are some pictures from our getaway:

20121026 Enchanted Rock SO&JR 015.jpg Here’s a snapshot of our human bingo game as teams scrambled to find people to fit each category!

20121027 Enchanted Rock SO&JR 027.jpg And so the climb begins!

20121027 Enchanted Rock SO&JR 031.jpg Even in the midst of the burning pain, many people shared afterwards that they actually enjoyed the fellowship of suffering through it together!

20121027 Enchanted Rock SO&JR 030.jpg The adventurous group who took on Turkey’s Peak!

20121027 Enchanted Rock SO&JR 033.jpg Who says that college students can’t have fun singing campfire songs and being goofy?

20121027 Enchanted Rock SO&JR 041.jpg Sharing and praying for our peers was definitely a meaningful and memorable time for many.

20121027 Enchanted Rock SO&JR 061.jpg Finally a game of the classic King Kong shower to settle the score between the brothers and the sisters!

Want to join the fun? Join us tomorrow for our weekly Bible Study and gym night!

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