Not Your Average Christmas Gift Exchange

Written by Charlie J. This past TFN we were able to hear about the true meaning of Christmas and the reason for our celebrations. We learned about the reality of the Christmas intrusion that came with the birth of Christ and how the fact that God came to Earth incarnate has real implications on our lives. We were challenged as we thought about how we are to respond to Jesus’ “intrusion” into our lives through the miracle of Christmas.

20121207- Christmas Gift Exchange 016.jpg

Also, in order to spread our holiday spirit, many of us took part in our annual Koinonia Christmas Gift Exchange! This past Friday we gathered together bringing our mystery gifts with eager anticipation of what we would receive in return. In traditional Koinonia fashion, there were many surprises in store for us. We had a jolly time as we participated in the many “festive” team challenges including: frustrated gift-wrap opening, Texas-style ice-skating and the good ole’ fashion snowball fight!

20121207- Christmas Gift Exchange 032.jpg

Just as they say never to judge a good book by its covers, it probably applies to gifts as well-hopefully.

20121207- Christmas Gift Exchange 009.jpg

One of the many team challenges, our Texas-style ice-skating had the contestants race around a rink on their paper-skates!

20121207- Christmas Gift Exchange 007.jpg

And here we had members from our group separate by classes and give their best representation of how to do ballet.

20121207- Christmas Gift Exchange 002.jpg

At the end of it all, we were able to look back and be grateful for this time of fellowship and laughter. As we wrapped up the fun, we could really treasure these moments in our hearts!

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