Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

We hope that everyone is having a good and restful time at home with your family and friends! Amidst all of the food and festivities, we just wanted to remind everyone about the Christmas Challenge that was mentioned during last Sunday’s service. As the shepherds received and proclaimed the good news of Jesus’ birth, likewise, we must also go out and share the Gospel. So take up the Christmas Challenge this break and share the Gospel with someone in your life! In doing so, you can experience God’s heart for them and gain the courage to continue sharing the Gospel with others.

Also if you are looking for other ways to utilize this break to the fullest, look at these resources on our Gracepoint Austin website! There are recommendations for books to read on a variety of topics, a list of 100 Bible verses you can memorize, and prayer guides. We hope that this break will be a time of spiritual strengthening for all of you, especially as we welcome the new year! We look forward to seeing everyone back in Austin in 2013!

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