First Freshman Retreat!

20130406- Freshmen Retreat 039.jpg By Tina S.

Last weekend, we had our first ever Freshman Retreat! After dinner and games at Sanchez, we packed up and left to the retreat site where we kicked off the weekend by watching a G-live skit called "What Are You Waiting For?". That showed us the different reasons why people might be waiting until they decide to follow God. Afterwards, we had a fun time eating some quick but yummy snacks we put together using sausages and bread rolls!

20130406- Freshmen Retreat 011.jpg 20130406- Freshmen Retreat 012.jpg Saturday started with breakfast and DT on the parable of four soils and watched The Lord of the Rings, in which we were able to see the different Christian themes and powerful messages that J.R.R. Tolkien portrayed throughout the movie. To our surprise, it was the first time for many to watch the film! Through it, we came to understand what the proper attitude should be toward sin and the importance of brother and sisterhood in our Christian journeys.

20130406- Freshmen Retreat 015.jpg 20130406- Freshmen Retreat 026.jpg 20130406- Freshmen Retreat 043.jpg Not only did we had a great times of training, but we also had fun outside, playing different sports and kayaking, splashing each other, and creating fun memories.

20130406- Freshmen Retreat 051.jpg 20130406- Freshmen Retreat 055.jpg 20130406- Freshmen Retreat 057.jpg Then to end our time, we ate delicious ribs and played Family Feud outside over a campfire. The night concluded with fun campfire songs, smores, and laughter.

Overall it was a great time of fellowship away from the worries and distractions of our daily lives.