Freshman/Sophomore Brothers' Trip to Corpus Christi!

20130420- Corpus Christi 037.jpg Written by James L.

Corpus Christi – ‘The Body of Christ.’ The perfect place to become that body of Christ! This weekend, the freshmen and sophomores went on a day long trip to Corpus Christi. We started the day off on a high note by going to Golden Kitchen’s All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Buffet and eating to our heart’s content. Several students didn’t want to leave the restaurant and continued to eat while the rest of us were ready to go to the beach.

20130420- Corpus Christi 004.jpg It was sad to leave the restaurant behind, but we quickly forgot about it once we got to the beach and started some Olympics competition – 100 meter dash, long jump, and triple jump.

20130420- Corpus Christi 016.jpg The sophomores dominated in each of these competitions as the freshmen were no match for the more experienced sophomores. After all the brothers had a chance to display their individual talents in the Olympics, we moved onto some beach football to finally settle their rivalry.

20130420- Corpus Christi 030.jpg The sophomores once again showed that experience, and Team Chemistry triumphed and defeated the freshmen. After all the sports and competition, we were exhausted and settled around a nice warm fire next to the beach.

20130420- Corpus Christi 043.jpg Even though we just came from a buffet, we were ready to eat again. We heated some hobo-packs over the fire, cooked clam chowder with rolls, and roasted smores to top it off! It was a great time to settle down, share life stories, and bond together.

20130420- Corpus Christi 044.jpg We broke up into different groups and each group created a performance of the most memorable and meaningful things that happened this year. The sophomores shamelessly reenacted their victory in the all brothers gym night. Meanwhile, some other groups reenacted the thanksgiving celebration and new student welcome night as their most memorable and meaningful event from this year. Then before the fire went out, we gave thanks to God for various things that we were thankful for: relationships, community, salvation, God’s orchestration. It was a wonderful moment to hear and reflect on all that God had done in just one year.

20130420- Corpus Christi 040.jpg Then to cap off the night, many brothers went out for Whataburger… because we were hungry again.