Welcome to Texas, Pastor Jonathan and Susanna!

20130414- P. Jonathan and Susanna Arrive 016.jpg By John T.

This past Sunday marked a very significant moment in the history of our church. The long awaited day of Pastor Jonathan and Susanna's arrival was finally at hand, and it was quite a joyous day. After another installment in the Portraits of Faith message series about David's great step of faith, we were able to celebrate and welcome Pastor Jonathan and Susanna in the usual Texas fashion.

20130414- P. Jonathan and Susanna Arrive 002.jpg We enjoyed a ridiculously delicious meal, which was of course comprised of succulent brisket, Rudy's-style creamed corn, and a refreshing coleslaw side.

20130414- P. Jonathan and Susanna Arrive 009.jpg Our own members contributed to the meal with a potluck of decadent Texas and even Chemistry themed desserts to welcome Pastor Jonathan, a Chemistry enthusiast to say the least.

20130414- P. Jonathan and Susanna Arrive 011.jpg This meal was coupled with a hilarious game show, which highlighted some important details about UT campus as well as some of the more absurd moments in the last 5 years. The room would consistently burst out into laughter after events such as a reenactment of last year's senior dance in G Live, a comical replay of the infamous Les Miserables performance at John and Kelly Lin's farewell, and Pastor Manny's hectic bull ride.

20130414- P. Jonathan and Susanna Arrive 014.jpg This is just the beginning of our relationship with Pastor Jonathan and Susanna, and we look forward to getting to know them as they were able to receive this brief snapshot of us. Please feel free to sign up for their office hours and extend to them a warm Texas welcome.