RECAP: End of Year TFN/Grad Friday!

20130503- Grad Friday 003.jpg Written by Nathalie L.

This past Friday was our annual end-of-year Bible study, combined with Graduation Friday. The night began with a video recap of all the events that happened this past year. Then some of the deacons, who flew out from our Berkeley church to help out with Longhorn Lodge, encouraged us seniors, to just continue to hold on, no matter how many obstacles come their way. As a treat, John Lin, who was with the seniors since freshmen year, came out and gave a charge to our class. He told us that it was more important now than ever, to really cling onto God’s words as we all face this new season of our lives.

20130503- Grad Friday 014.jpg Some of the seniors then shared their reflection from these past four years. As they did, it was evident that they didn’t expect their lives to play out this way. Through each sharing, it was clearly illustrated how God remained faithful to them and showed them how to have vision for their lives.

20130503- Grad Friday 019.jpg Afterwards, the seniors sang a special song as a commitment that we wouldn’t be shaken, with whatever life throws our way. During the song, we each personalized Genesis 12:1 for ourselves and shared how we have changed our perception of our lives since freshman year. We also had the privilege to be prayed over by all the post-graduates. To further reiterate the point from the seniors’ song, Pastor Jonathan gave a brief message to not be swayed by the things of this world.

20130503- Grad Friday 031.jpg But the night was not over, as for our post-TFN activity was Aquarium, it was a combination of Charades, Mad Gabs, Catchphrase and various other games. It was an unforgettable night, to say the least, as we had the chance to catch a glimpse of how God really worked in the seniors’ lives these past four years and what more He will do in the future. But we still have a long way to go…..