Building memories at Longhorn Lodge - Part Two!

IMG_4769.jpg Who said summer had to be a time when everything has to slow down? Well that’s not the case here in Austin! Now that we are well into the summer, everything has been bustling with activity as both students and staff have more time to go to Longhorn Lodge to continue the good work that started near the end of last semester. It has been fun as many of us, who have never picked up a power tool before in our life, were able to have the experience of using the table saw, power drills, and even a simple hammer! Needless to say, it has been hard work but everyone would agree that it has been unforgettable and memorable to be part of building the future building of many more memories to come!

This past weekend, many of us drove up for another workday and made good progress on the lodge. Here are some pictures from the last few workdays!

IMG_8542.jpg Some sisters got the opportunity to play electrician for a day as they configured the electric wiring for the lodge.


2013-06-01 16.32.25.jpg

up high! These guys were in some “high”-risk areas as they worked on the roof trusses and taller parts of the building.

IMG_8549.jpg Because of the recent storms, some of the insulation had to be redone but this time with reinforcement just in case another storm decides to come.



IMG_4985.jpg Some of the recent grad brothers from Berkeley came for a visit and were treated to hard work at the lodge and a delicious Texan dinner at Rudy’s!

At the end of this past week, this is what we had so far!

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