An Explosion of Fun Pt. II

20130704 Praxis July 4th 029.jpg Written by Sam S.

July 4th, the day that America declared independence!

While our founding fathers declared freedom from the British Empire about 200 years ago, we declared our freedom from stressful jobs, summer school, and boredom!

Our day started in afternoon.

20130704- July 4th 009.jpg Senior and sophomore brothers all convened at Lake Austin with bunch of kayaks. Each one of us wore a protective life jacket with a deadly oar in our hands. We all knew that we were about to have a fierce battle: the battle of Lake Austin.

20130224- July 4th 006.jpg The battle started as soon as we got into the lake. Many tried to escape, but there were no survivors.

20130704- July 4th 011.jpg After kayaking for 2 hours--traveling a total of 4 miles--it was time for a big feast! We had mouth-watering beef ribs, authentic Korean hobo packs, steaks, Jamaican jerk chicken, vegetable kebabs, pork chops, and many other types of meat!

20130704- July 4th 019.jpg

20130704- July 4th 021.jpg After eating all of the meat (and a little bit of the vegetables), we headed out to Zilker Park to see the fireworks. While we were eagerly waiting to see fireworks, we played various games to pass the time.

20130704 Praxis July 4th 029.jpg At 9:30, the fireworks started. We were reminded once again that we are so lucky to be in this country where we can grow and mature in God’s word freely. I personally felt so lucky to be in this loving community that God has placed me where I can have so much fun in one day!

Join us for our next outing!