Onward to Houston!

2013-07-20IMG_6282 Written by Jialing F.

This weekend, we packed our bags and went on the road to Houston with Pastor Jonathan and Susanna to reconnect with people in the Houston area. After a pit stop at Pastor Jonathan's favorite place in Texas, Buc-ee's, we arrived in Houston and had a delicious meal of vietnamese sandwiches and pizza.


2013-07-20IMG_6127 Then we had a Bible study over Isaiah 40 followed by an exciting round of "Game of All Games", filled with lots of corny puns, trivia, and laughter.


2013-07-20IMG_6247 The next morning, we got to experience true "pharaohship" as we looked at the mummies, dinosaurs and more at the Houston Natural History Museum.

2013-07-20IMG_6312 After lunch, we split up and several people went to Longhorn Connect where they met incoming freshmen and reconnected with more people who stayed in Houston over the summer. Meanwhile, the rest of us battled it out during laser tag.

2013-07-20IMG_6335 The intense battling during laser tag left us with a huge appetite. Luckily, we had a delicious dinner at Tan Tien.

The trip ended too soon as we had to say goodbye to our brothers and sisters, but we had such a good time of fellowship with our friends in Houston!