MYT lives up to its name!


Written by John T.

For many, summer conjures up images of lounging around and shooting the breeze, but that certainly hasn’t been the case here in Austin. We have been hard at work on Sunday evenings during our Multiply Your Talents, taking our gifts, whether great or small, and increasing them for good use.

We brought back some of our classic classes such as beginning guitar and food management, but we also added many new courses including drums, bass guitar, and life skills. Undergrads and post-grads alike were able to receive hours of tutoring from the gurus of each subject and build a skill from scratch or develop an existing talent. The life skills course was particularly notable with a fresh guest speaker every week that would cover topics such as ergonomic living, resume writing, and cleaning/organization in the hope of raising up a generation of responsible roommates!

This seven-week curriculum was capped off with a rousing finale of performances from the various classes. It was a sight to see how all of the instrument classes gathered together to form three bands that each performed one song. This was also accompanied by very artistic splashes from our Photoshop classes that would’ve made Picasso proud.

We hope that we can all steward these new found talents well and not let them die out in the years to come. For those away from Austin, join us next year as we continue to get equipped for God’s good work!

20130721- MYT Week 6 004.jpg James H. spreads his sage wisdom as the lead of the beginning guitar class.

20130721- MYT Week 6 025.jpg Drummers win the award for the most spiritual class.

20130728- MYT Finale 004.jpg A rocking time of praise provided by our new instrumentalists.