Welcome to Dallas!

20130727- OTR Dallas 018.jpg Written by Andrea M.

With summer comes heat, swimming, and of courses road trips. This past weekend, a group of us went to Dallas to reconnect with "Dallasonians" and to meet incoming students at Longhorn Connect. We started with a Bible Study on Friday night complete with fun, games, and pictures. It was a great time to see familiar faces and meet new ones.

20130727- OTR Dallas 009.jpg On Saturday, we visited the JFK Museum in downtown Dallas. We listened to an audio tour and got to learn a lot of history. We then split up as some of us went to Longhorn Connect to meet incoming students to UT.

20130727- OTR Dallas 004.jpg Of course, a trip to Dallas would not be complete without a visit to In-and-Out Burger.

20130727- OTR Dallas 004.jpg

20130727- OTR Dallas 006.jpg Afterwards, we headed off for a trip to play Whirlyball - an interesting mix of bumper cars, lacrosse, and basketball. Some of us were more coordinated than others, but it was a great time as we battled it out between the classes.

By the end of the trip, most of us were worn out, but nothing a good stop at H Mart can't solve. Join us on our next adventure!