TFN & Gym Night

This past Friday we met for our weekly Bible Study (TFN). As we have been going through a message series on the parables, Pastor Jonathan gave a message on The Rich Man and Lazarus. We were challenged once again to consider, “What are the things that we are putting our trust in?” Through Jesus’ parable we were reminded that there is a finality to life and that if we really believe in this our lives should be filled with loving God through obeying His words, and through loving others.

After Bible Study, we all headed over to the Austin Sports Center for the first-ever Koinonia/Kairos Gym Night of 2013! Bringing back some Koinonia favorites such as: musical basketball, dodgeball, handball, and (of course) Braveheart, we divided into teams to determine who would be the best of the best.

On one side of the gym we had teams competing against each other as they played handball! Who knew these games could be so high scoring! Here’s a tip; always keep one eye on each ball, all 2…3…4 of them.

This time we played Koinonia dodgeball with a twist! Rather than using our original smaller, spongey balls, we decided to try out something new. Introducing “Dodge-the-giant-yoga-ball”

And of course, we finished the gym night with game of all games, Braveheart!

At the end of the night, the combined team of sophomores and seniors were the gym night champions! But, while they may have been crowned the champions, everyone was a winner as we all got to experience a fun-filled night of competition and sports. If you couldn’t make it out last week, don’t worry! Join us this week for another night of Bible Study, food, fun, and fellowship!

[Also, if you are a sophomore, be sure to sign up for our Sophomore getaway this weekend!]

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