Our getaway dates are approaching very fast! Are you tired of dorm food, tests and text books? Don't you just want to say "Get away!" to all the homework? Don't you wish you can GETAWAY for a few days from all the stress?

Well, this is your chance to GETAWAY!

Don't miss out on our SUPER FUN getaways that are coming up! We will be going to our newly built Longhorn Lodge, located right next to Lake Buchanan! In addition, we always like to enjoy amazing food throughout the day!

Don't hesitate to sign up!

Well, if you are hesitating...

Here are some pictures from our previous getaways that will make you sign up!

20121027 Enchanted Rock SO&JR 017.jpg

Devoting ourselves to God's word...did you already sign up?


 Fellowship! By taking down the giant together!

20121026 Enchanted Rock SO&JR 003.jpg

Don't you love ribs? What more could you ask for?


Breaking bread together... We will eat some more delicious food!

20121027 Enchanted Rock SO&JR 042.jpg

Praying together. We will pray for you too!

20121027 Enchanted Rock SO&JR 046.jpg

Well, hopefully you can join us! We would love to see you there!

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