Thanksgiving Celebration!

We've been working hard to come up with the ideas. We've been dancing furiously to come up with new dance moves. We've been faithfully practicing every Friday for last 3 weeks. We've been cooking  non-stop to serve over a dozen turkeys. Then, the day came 11/24/2013, the day of Thanksgiving Celebration!

Last Sunday, we had a special Thanksgiving Service, where we were able to thank God for His amazing salvation work for each one of us. Pastor Johnathan gave a message on John 3:14-16, exhorting us to investigate further about the good news of the gospel, and for Christians, how we should be thankful for God's redemptive work for each one of us, even though we have rebelled against God. Through God's great love and through Christ, we are able to have eternal life with God. I was so thankful to see that so many people were able to join us for the service!

Well, as we are so thankful to God for his love for us, it was only appropriate for us to give thanks and praise to God...We did this through songs and DANCE!

Each class gave their best performances. Starting with the youngest, the freshman class SURPRISED all of us with their rap, songs, and dance. They were thankful to have the loving community where they were able to come together as a class! They were so good that I think some of the people who were in the dance were surprised as well!

Next, sophomore class gave a presentation on 10 lepers, based on Luke 17. It was a meaningful story as only 1 out of 10 lepers came back to thank Jesus for healing.

The junior class presented a story of Longhorn Lodge! It is still unbelievable that we had our first getaway at the Lodge this year! Thank God for his provisions and all the work that was put in!

The seniors' gospel presentation and spoken words were really powerful as we got to hear the power of the gospel. It was really touching as we saw how their lives have been changed through the gospel.

Finally IGSM and Praxis gave their presentation of unmerciful servant based on Matthew 18. This fusion of Godfather and Westside story was full of twists!

Who knew that the unmerciful servant will remain unwilling to let go of his 20 dollars after being forgiven his half a million dollar debt!

It was good to see so many off our friends join and celebrate thanksgiving together! If you couldn't make it this time, please join us for the next time!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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