Start of Spring 2014!

Hi everyone, Welcome back from Winter Break! We had many things going on throughout January - the UCLA Winter Mission Trip, Sophomore Welcome Night, Freshmen Welcome Night, and Winter Retreat!

During Winter Break, we sent a team of 58 people to our sister fellowship, Acts 2 Fellowship, in UCLA to help with the start of their quarter. It was a good time of connecting with UCLA students, reaching the campus, and seeing Pastor Manny and Sunny again. Our UCLA students shared that they enjoyed having upperclassmen around and what an encouragement our UT students have been to them.

Here back in Austin, our spring semester started up right after the UCLA mission trip. We began the week with numerous fun activities from board games to hearing stories from our mission team to welcome everyone back, as well as trying meet new students. We were encouraged by their stories as they tried reach UCLA students that we could do the same here on the UT campus! On Tuesday, we had our Second Wind: Sophomore Welcome Night followed by our Fresh Start: Freshmen Welcome Night the next day. Here are a few pictures captured from our Spring Welcome Week.

This past weekend, we had our annual Winter Retreat. Pastor Timothy came all the way from Gracepoint Minneapolis to be our guest speaker. It was a time of spiritual reflection, hearing messages, and listening to testimonies. Through this retreat, 6 brothers and sisters came to accept Christ, as well as many others who committed and rededicated their lives under Christ's Lordship!

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