Sophomore Getaway

Written by Jolene J.

This past weekend, we put away our schoolwork, packed up our bags and headed out to our very own Longhorn Lodge for the first sophomore getaway of the year! It was a good time just to get away from campus and to reconnect with each other through this extended time of fellowship.

After settling in, we enjoyed a delicious curry dinner! It was relaxing as we caught up with each other and shared funny stories. Later that night, Pastor Jonathan and Susanna joined us just in time to find out some interesting talents that some of our peers have.

The next morning, we were able to quiet our minds to hear God’s word through content prepared by Pastor Jonathan and Susanna.

During Q&A session, Pastor Jonathan and Susanna answered many questions that we had regarding how to relate with others and resolve conflicts in a godly manner.

We also took advantage of the perfect 70 degree Texas Spring weather and hiked near Inks Lake!

...and even got our feet wet in the lake!

Back at the lodge, we had fellowship over a delectable chicken teriyaki dinner and dessert waffles.

After our stomachs were satisfied, we went to the deck to stargaze. Some of us tried to identify constellations and apply the knowledge we learned from astronomy class, while others sang songs to give God praise.

From sharing and listening to messages to hiking and stargazing, we enjoyed a much-needed getaway to reconnect with each other and God through a wholesome time of fellowship. Though the getaway has ended, we are ready to encourage each other through the stressful semester!