Faith in Action

Written by Jolene J.

On Friday May 16th, we had a bittersweet farewell as we bid goodbye to one of the founding couples of our Austin Church, Sarah and Bryan Song, and their daughters, Chloe and Emily. Known as “a couple of action”, Bryan and Sarah served in the Austin ministry for the past 6 years. When the need from southern California came, Sarah and Bryan once again rose to the calling.

And as they are starting up this new church plant on USC campus, they shared how God has been so faithful in their lives through His word, His people, and situations by sharing their testimonies at our Friday Bible Study.

Next, we enjoyed delicious desserts before we got started on the program that was prepared by many people whom Sarah and Bryan had been ministering to for past six years in Austin.

Through this time, many showed their good wishes and gratitude with live singing, dancing, rapping, and beatboxing performance, accompanied by picture slideshows and videos recapping past six years with Sarah and Bryan in Austin.

Also, the staff who had been co-laboring with Sarah and Bryan sang “Take Up Your Cross” as their song of encouragement and shared how Sarah and Bryan had made impact on their lives as they served together.

Then, we ended our night praying for them. Sarah and Bryan’s love and readiness to serve have always been evident, as they faithfully surrendered their lives here in Austin. Although they will be missed dearly, we are also hopeful and excited to send them to the land of the Trojans, University of Southern California, so that they may share God’s love by bringing the gospel message, just as they have done in Austin. We will miss you Bryan, Sarah, Chloe, and Emily, and we will be praying for you and the USC ministry!