Koinonia and Kairos Carnival Showdown

Written by Steffanie W.

This past Friday, the freshmen and seniors battled it out to be the best class at our first-ever Koinonia and Kairos Carnival!

We started off with going from booth to booth, some of which were “I believe I can fly”,

“Cow tipping”,

and many others! We also got to channel our silly selves and take fun pictures at the photobooth

We ended the night with a finale between the best of the best of the 2 classes, including the strongest with a tug-of-war battle

and also a beatbox battle!

Time does fly when you’re having fun! If you weren’t able to join the festivities this time, hope you’ll be able to join us next time! As you see, it’s definitely something that you don’t wanna miss :)

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