2014 Freshman Getaway

Written by Bryan H.

This past Friday, the freshmen class stowed away the books and ventured out to the longhorn lodge and the breath-taking Enchanted Rock state park.

We began the getaway with a meaningful bible study as Pastor Jonathan and Susanna shared from John 4 as well as their own testimonies. Afterwards we broke up into groups and shared about the various backgrounds that each of us came from. It was fascinating to learn about all the different stories and experiences that people went through!

The next day we all got up early to head out to Enchanted Rock, which is arguably the most scenic place in the desert wasteland that is Texas! Many of our hearts were pumping as we strained through the half-mile hike up the solid slab of granite. We were rewarded for our hard work with an incredible panoramic view at the top.

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the caves, playing Empire, singing songs, and just soaking in the beauty around us. On our way back to the lodge, we had a music video contest between each of cars. Some of the submissions were funny, some were simply sick. We wrapped up the getaway enjoying a scrumptious dinner back at the lodge as well as some smores and songs around the campfire.

Through all the fun, the weekend flew by, but we all had a great time of fellowship and getting to know one another. Looking forward to the next getaway!