Halloween Boo-nanza!

Written by Steffanie W.

For this year’s Halloween, Koinonia and Kairos freshmen and sophomores gathered together at the 405 for a night of fun, food, and fellowship.

We started the festivities with using our imagination and directing skills (or lack thereof) to make our own scary movies. Some turned out pretty spooky and some were funny, though all of them definitely defied our expectations considering we’re pretty inexperienced at movie making. We were pretty hungry afterwards, so we fueled up with warm ramen and yummy fries with toppings like chili, cheese, bean sprouts, tofu, and even kimchi! It may sound strange, but it was really good and filling :)

Halloween is incomplete without costumes, so we used trash bags, construction paper, styrofoam bowls and plates, and other resourceful materials to make our own costumes. The materials were simple, but they all turned out pretty creative. Check out the pictures below to see the costume-making process and the final products!

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