2015 Koinonia Live

Written by Janice L.

Bringing Life to K-Live United together as a church, We were sent out to search For people on- and off-campus to arrive As we put together K-Live. From the beginning to the end, The gospel was in every part of the work To show that there was more to life Than all we sought the world to fulfill.

Each class began with casting, To find roles that could be lasting; And who will direct each skit, To make K-Live a hit? Who will prepare costumes, makeup, and props, Man the cameras and lights on rooftops, Watch the kids and cook the food, So that everyone can serve in a joyful mood?

20150304- KLive Practice 007.jpg
20150306- KLive044.jpg
20150307- KLive070.jpg

From actors on-stage to backstage crew and others, With each person exhorting and helping one another, We remembered others who needed to hear, The gospel as the Day drew near. We tabled for a week to make real connections And gave to family and friends special invitations; In eagerness and preparation we grew, Even as the harvest was plenty and workers were few.

20150304- KLive Practice 006.jpg
20150307- KLive008.jpg

With prayer preceding every rehearsal And reminding us of the reason for our work, We practiced till the very end For the 250 people who came and watched the skits, And heard the message and Bri's testimony; We prayed for all those who came To have hearts open to knowing and To seeking a personal relationship with God.

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As we reached the end of the day, We celebrated the good work that was finished By watching replays and fun re-enactments. Even with the time change on Sunday, We were blessed with the message about a woman Who poured on Jesus her whole jar of perfume, Sacrificing as extravagantly as she could and Adding to the gospel story with her life. Just as Jesus poured out his life to give life For anyone who can receive to receive, The gospel was poured out in love, All throughout K-live as we loved and served one another.